Seeing It Real

Gareth Stevens asks: do we experience reality as it really is? If not, why is this and what can we do? It can be a bit of a mindfuck when you finally understand that your mind is fucking you up – that it can’t be trusted, only gives you a partial (in both senses of the word) view of the world and cares little about … Continue reading Seeing It Real

Here’s Something All People Could Agree On

Appeals to the crowd; different takes on existentialism; science and religion; cause and effect; the inadequacy of knowledge; wild postulations on empathy; misleading appearances; anecdotal conclusions. Consider this a layman’s introduction to that most nuanced and miasmic of disciplines: philosophy. As an introduction it will do less to explain concepts and more to give you a sense of how messy philosophy is to the uninitiated, … Continue reading Here’s Something All People Could Agree On