Refugee Reality Check

Kent Barker, writing in the Hastings Independent in February 2018, tells the story of a stateless refugee fortunate enough to find friends in Britons. This is the story of a boy called Javad. And it’s the story of a couple called Terry and Stuart who live in a small house in Hastings with two pampered cats. Javad now lives there too, sleeping in the conservatory … Continue reading Refugee Reality Check

Boycott the Pier in the Hope it Fails Again

By Kent Barker. Article first appeared in HIP in June 2018. I never expected my investment to make a return. It was enough to be part of a community effort to save a historic artefact. There was the added bonus that as the regeneration took place I felt a sense of personal pride. And I could boast to friends that I owned Hastings Pier – or … Continue reading Boycott the Pier in the Hope it Fails Again