Who are we?

We’re a collection of residents in Hastings Borough who want to get a bit more out of life. We want to consider ideas that could revolutionise our community, and act on them. We want to co-operate with and include everyone else who make their lives out of Hastings, regardless of political or religious alignment.

We’re a learning network of enthusiastic individuals who want to empower ordinary people to control their own lives, and help others.

We come from a long tradition of positive change and reform in Britain, from the London Corresponding Society of 1792 and the Radical politicians who transformed the Whigs into the Liberal Party, through the activism of the Independent Labour Party, early trade unions and British Socialists, to modern day grass roots organisations like Rising Up! (the group behind Extinction Rebellion) and our local Donut Economics Action Group.

We’re an embodiment of the old saying “be the change you want to see in the world”, and we want you to join us.

Have a look around the site, consider what we have to say, come to our open meetings, and participate in an organisation whose only goal is the improvement of our community.