Refugee Reality Check

Kent Barker, writing in the Hastings Independent in February 2018, tells the story of a stateless refugee fortunate enough to find friends in Britons. This is the story of a boy called Javad. And it’s the story of a couple called Terry and Stuart who live in a small house in Hastings with two pampered cats. Javad now lives there too, sleeping in the conservatory … Continue reading Refugee Reality Check

Tim Martin and the Brexit Vox Populi

Or…JLB Didn’t Invent Television. The Real Pub Landlord; Tariff Reform – What Would Joe Chamberlain Say?; Two Sides of Bigotry; Democracy in Action; We Were Lied To From The Start; Emotional Politics; Dying For Freedom; Conclusive Press Summary. “There’s nothing falling off the walls.” – Tim Martin on the John Logie Baird, Hastings. “No. You’re wrong (again). A negotiation is about compromise. You’ve put us … Continue reading Tim Martin and the Brexit Vox Populi

Happy New January!

It’s a New Year, and it’s going to be a new HaCK. We’re talking bi-weekly posts (at least) and a marginally improved site design, we’re talking an official logo, a Facebook page…and, well, yeah, the first few articles of the year are going to be about philosophy. So what? Up here in site management we’re a pretty philosophical sort of folk. But not to worry! … Continue reading Happy New January!