We’ll happily consider articles, images and comments from anyone for publication, but our focus is on Hastings folk. When broader issues are addressed, we expect that any comments on or solutions to those issues are then applied locally. Discussion of philosophy, political ideas, and national trends is still welcome, but we recognise other sites will do that better. We’re trying to build a learning support network for the people of Hastings Borough, so we’ll automatically give preference to content assisting in that goal.

Before sending a piece in, check over our Discuss section. Try to get a feel for what we like and what we’re missing, and if you’re local to Hastings you could always turn up to one of our meetings first. We’d be sure to make you welcome.

Any wordcount is negotiable depending on what you have and what you want to say. Photo essays for example won’t need many words, maybe not even 500, but then a carefully evidenced case study will…possibly over 5000.

While we’re still getting site email set up, send your articles to