The Cobra Effect

Gareth Stevens wonders what lessons can we learn when people try to change things for the better…and not only fail, but make things worse. In 2003, Barbera Streisand became very alarmed when an aerial photograph of her Malibu beach home was published on an internet website. Subsequently she unsuccessfully attempted to sue Kenneth Adelman at for posting the image believing that it would lead … Continue reading The Cobra Effect

Let’s All Keep Bees to Win the “War on Drugs”

Gareth Stevens examines the dangers of mistaking correlation for causation and vice versa. If you are like me, you have probably noticed an indisputable correlation between a downturn in your mental wellbeing and incessantly cruising the internet and repeatedly checking your social networking apps. Come on – hands up if you have noticed this, it can’t be just me? So is this just coincidence or … Continue reading Let’s All Keep Bees to Win the “War on Drugs”