Discuss what?

Our main goal at HaCK is to support the improvement of Hastings’ community, and we believe that’s first achieved by discussion and learning.

Without the basic tools of rational and open-minded thought, it’s hard to mobilise resistance to bad policy decisions and hateful business practices.

Here we’d like to host a forum where any issue, local or general, can be analysed collectively to build a much deeper understanding of what problems face us as humans, and as a community.

And we want you to engage in whatever way suits you. A book review? Sure. A poem? Great. A satirical meme? Yeah, whatever.

But we’re not armchair-bound or hiding behind screens. We also want to know what to do about the issues we must confront here in the Borough, and help organise people to effectively deal with them.

Transparency and democracy are key. We will do our best to preserve your freedom of speech. We want members and contributors to treat each other with respect, as participants in the same beneficial project, but we don’t want to treat you like children and silence you for being rude. Your words will be read by people across Hastings, and that should be enough for you to compose them carefully.

As more content is sent in, more categories will be created to help navigation around the site, and any further explanation required will be written here.