Tim Martin and the Brexit Vox Populi

Or…JLB Didn’t Invent Television. The Real Pub Landlord; Tariff Reform – What Would Joe Chamberlain Say?; Two Sides of Bigotry; Democracy in Action; We Were Lied To From The Start; Emotional Politics; Dying For Freedom; Conclusive Press Summary. “There’s nothing falling off the walls.” – Tim Martin on the John Logie Baird, Hastings. “No. You’re wrong (again). A negotiation is about compromise. You’ve put us … Continue reading Tim Martin and the Brexit Vox Populi

Council Houses by Any Other Name

By Kent Barker, writing in the Hastings Independent The only real surprise is that it’s taken so long. Margaret Thatcher’s mad doctrinaire decision to strip councils of the housing stock they had built up with rate-payers’ money over generations did untold damage. The Right-to-buy was bad enough. While enabling ordinary people to get onto the middle-class property gravy-train, it had the perverse effect of destroying … Continue reading Council Houses by Any Other Name

Happy New January!

It’s a New Year, and it’s going to be a new HaCK. We’re talking bi-weekly posts (at least) and a marginally improved site design, we’re talking an official logo, a Facebook page…and, well, yeah, the first few articles of the year are going to be about philosophy. So what? Up here in site management we’re a pretty philosophical sort of folk. But not to worry! … Continue reading Happy New January!

Boycott the Pier in the Hope it Fails Again

By Kent Barker. Article first appeared in HIP in June 2018. I never expected my investment to make a return. It was enough to be part of a community effort to save a historic artefact. There was the added bonus that as the regeneration took place I felt a sense of personal pride. And I could boast to friends that I owned Hastings Pier – or … Continue reading Boycott the Pier in the Hope it Fails Again